Science is a subject that offers opportunities for curiosity and wonder. It helps children make sense of the world around them and build an interest in how everything around us works and why. Science helps children to seek answers to why we live like we do and to consider further questions to help seek more of an understanding about our lives. Throughout each year group we aim to achieve an understanding of biology, chemistry and physics and the role we contribute to the wider world. We embed key vocabulary, concepts and understanding into long-term memory to ensure children can be successful in their next steps.

We create keen investigators who want to learn more about their lives and seek answers to questions that many of us want to know. We aim for all children to experience a broad and aspirational understanding about the universe and what is in it, but also with an appreciation of how it works and how science will affect the future on a personal, global and universal scale. We also aim to build vital team-working and thinking skills that can be applied to school-life and beyond.

Curriculum Progression