Our intent is to have children who are secure and confident in their knowledge and understanding of maths. Their skills and knowledge to be embedded and this proficiency to be accessed as they move through the stages of their education.

Through use of our curriculum progression document for mathematics and whole school use of White Rose Hub yearly overviews, we are able to ensure that children take part in lessons that are carefully sequenced in order to build on their knowledge and understanding of maths.


  • Basic skills are taught daily, focussing on place value, 4 operations and fractions
  • A range of resources to support understanding
  • Admiration when children use mathematical language and explain the method they use
  • Maths interventions to secure knowledge gaps
  • Personalised learning – following entry assessment
  • Differentiated lessons
  • Consolidation lessons to review understanding of previous lessons and ensure skills are embedded
  • Where possible links to other areas of the curriculum
  • Their learning is tracked and monitored to ensure that all pupils are making expected or exceed progress
  • When learning or not meeting expected progress, interventions are completed to develop and embed learning.


Curriculum Progression