We understand that a computing curriculum is essential for pupils to understand today’s modern lifestyle and be successful in their future endeavours. We strive for our children to work responsibly, competently, confidently and creatively as participants of an increasingly digital world. We aim to inspire children to become diligent, resilient and independent within the digital world to support their further development. Technology is used, not only within computing lessons, but across the whole curriculum to enhance learning. We provide children with access to a range of resources such as: laptops, iPads, cameras and programmable toys. 

As well as this, we strive to ensure that the children at Milton Keynes Primary PRU have a clear understanding of how to present and conduct themselves online. With an increasing level of online interactivity in the modern world, this is essential. Online safety and bullying are important areas within both the computing and PSHE curriculums.  

 Parenting in a Digital World

There is information on our website on how to support your children online to use the internet and technology in a fun but safe way. It includes information on how to set boundaries, understand which content is appropriate, and what to do in the case that they are exposed to anything that alarms, worries or confuses them, amongst many other useful tips.