Admission to the Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referral Unit (MKPPRU) is via a monthly primary Alternative Education Panel. The Panel comprises senior representatives from mainstream primary schools in Milton Keynes and senior officers from Milton Keynes Local Authority. The meeting is chaired by the Primary Inclusion Partnership Officer who is also the Executive Headteacher of the MKPPRU. Referrals to this Panel are completed on an agreed Information Passport document and these are moderated by the group to ensure consistency. Reintegrations from MKPPRU back into mainstream schools are also moderated at this meeting.


Admission is only for children who are resident in Milton Keynes or who attend a Milton Keynes primary school. There are a number of potential routes into this provision: 


  • Through a referral from a Milton Keynes Primary School via the monthly Panel. To avoid permanent exclusion, the Partnership follows an agreed emergency placement procedure which has been agreed by primary schools and the Local Authority. Referrals via this route are also reviewed at the monthly Panel meeting.


  • For a child permanently excluded from a Milton Keynes Primary School. The schools work in partnership to avoid this outcome but a Headteacher retains the right to permanently exclude and if that option is followed then the MKPPRU would be the identified provision from Day 6.


  • For a child resident in Milton Keynes who is permanently excluded from a non- Milton Keynes Primary School.


  • For a child of primary age new to Milton Keynes where their last placement was in a Pupil Referral Unit or where they were permanently excluded from their last mainstream educational placement.