About our School

Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referral Unit is classed as alternate provision and we work with your child so that when they return to their mainstream school they are successful.

Your child’s school (within the Local Authority of Milton Keynes) may have expressed concern about their behaviour or attitude in school. There could have been a serious incident that has put your child’s school place at risk. As a consequence of either the school is recommending a placement in alternative provision. Your child’s school is able to do this because it is a member of the Milton Keynes Primary Inclusion Partnership. The primary sector works together to support children at risk of exclusion from mainstream education.

The main aim of alternative provision in the primary sector is to refocus your child to be successful in mainstream school. Depending upon the individual that will take different lengths of time based around individual need. It is therefore hard to be exact as to how long any placement will be. As a minimum we would expect a placement to be twelve weeks and many longer than that.

For a small number of children it may well be that they require more specialist support than alternative provision can provide. If that is the case, we will work with you and your child’s mainstream school to identify more appropriate provision, which may, for example, be a Special School.


Primary Alternative Provision Leaflet