Outreach Support

Our Aims: 

  • At MK Primary PRU, we are dedicated to providing free, specialised assistance to schools in Milton Keynes who are supporting students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and presenting with challenging behaviours. 
  • Our primary goal is to enhance the educational outcomes for children and young people with SEN and disabilities, empowering them to thrive in mainstream education whenever possible. 
  • We work closely with our colleagues in mainstream education to ensure that all students have access to the best educational opportunities. 
  • We are committed to building the capacity and confidence of educators, enabling them to meet the diverse needs of all children and young people effectively. 


Our Services: 

  • We conduct in-class observations of individual students and develop effective support plans tailored to their unique needs. 
  • We can provide schools with expert advice on appropriate 1:1 and small group interventions to support student development. 
  • Our team conducts focused lesson observations and shares strategies for effective classroom management, benefiting both students and educators. 
  • We offer valuable suggestions for developing effective whole-class behaviour management practices that create a conducive learning environment. This may include looking at behaviour policies. 
  • We provide support and strategic advice to help schools manage students with challenging behaviours and additional needs, ensuring no one is left behind in their educational journey. 
  • We can provide support staff with expert advice on supporting the needs of children. 


Our School Outreach Support Program is here to collaborate with you in ensuring that every student, regardless of their unique needs, has the opportunity to thrive in a mainstream educational setting.


Please contact the Interim Principal if you require outreach support from MKPPRU.