Outdoor Learning

In alignment with our mission statement 'Bringing Learning to Life' and as part of our vision to create a high quality active learning culture taking into account the needs of our children, MK Primary PRU is a proud develop our approach to learning by being a member of the Teach Outdoors Programme. 

What is outdoor learning?

You might hear outdoor learning referred to as Forest School, outdoor pursuits like orienteering, nature studies, bug hunting or playing outside. All of these are highly valuable. But Teach Outdoors offers something different - the ideas are intrinsically linked to the curriculum. In essence, we will be looking for the best environment to teach the curriculum, and apply the relevant knowledge and skills. As part of our vision it is about providing children with aspirational opportunities and experiences to make learning memorable and ‘stick’.

Why outdoor learning?

By utilising the outdoor environment and natural resources available, we have witnessed, first-hand, the positive impact that outside learning opportunities provide, including:

  • Hands-on Learning Opportunities
  • Making learning stick - enhancing knowledge in long- term memory.
  • Supporting children with SEND
  • Enhancing mental and physical
  • health and wellbeing
  • Supporting academic achievement